Solar Area Light Overview

OiSCAPE solar area light include solar street light, solar garden light and solar flood light.

This series is our patent design which is modern, elegant and advanced. The flexible configuration could meet most of outdoor area lighting demands. The whole series offer a modern solution for outdoor lighting, including street, path, garden, billboard...

Technology & Benefits

No Electricity Bill

The lighting system takes use of solar energy which is totally free, it works autonomically so that you do not need to pay expensive electricity bill.

Easy Installation

Each solar area light is a independent solar lighting system, there is no need of trenching and wiring. On the other side, there is no electric shock danger.

Automatically Work

The solar panel can detect the daylight so that the whole lighting system can work automically, it will trun on in the night and turn off in the day time.

Flexible Configuration

Due to our patent design, you can add additional led module, battery and solar panel to the whole light system to meet the requirement of the project.

Projects Reference

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The designed lifespan over 8 years.

After fully charged, the solar bollard works more than 22 hours, and with light sensor it will work the whole night.

In rainy/cloudy days, there are still weak charging current for the battery, and we designed the battery with a 2-4 days back up for different model.

The solar area series take use of battery module design, which you can replace the whole module easily by yourselves.

They are pretty easy to install, the solar bollards works without main-grid electricity connected. No need wiring no need trenching, no electrician required.

We will offer 3 years warranty, during the warranty we offer free replacement if the products failed due to our factory reasons.

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