Solar Wall Mounted Light Overview

The Solar Wall Mounted Light stays dimly lit until it senses motion, providing enhanced peach of mind and intelligent energy cost saving. The dim light mode deters potential prowlers while the motion activated bright light will quickly startle intruders by detecting motion within a 10 feet (3m) range at 120 degree angle.

It's suitable to install above entry doors to assist in locating keyholes or rendering faces more clearly visible through the peephole.

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Autonomic Work

Work autonomic with solar energy and daylight sensor, the PIR sensor provide diming function when nobody was detected.

Motion Sensor Diming

With motion sensor to save energy, detect human being moving automatically to adjust the brightness. It could be as a security light also.

Durable Working Time

The solar wall mounted light built in motion sensor, it stays dim when noboday detected to save energy, in order to lighting for very long time.

Security Function

The dim light mode prevent potential prowlers while the motion activated bright light will suddenly startle intruders by detecting motion.

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The designed lifespan over 8 years.

After fully charged, the solar bollard works more than 22 hours, and with light sensor it will work the whole night.

In rainy/cloudy days, there are still weak charging current for the battery, and we designed the battery with a 2-4 days back up for different model.

The built-in battery is replaceable, we suggest replace it by technical person.

They are pretty easy to install, the solar bollards works without main-grid electricity connected. No need wiring no need trenching, no electrician required.

We will offer 3 years warranty, during the warranty we offer free replacement if the products failed due to our factory reasons.

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