IoT Smart Solar Lighting

The IoT smart solar lights consists of four parts: IOT communication module, cloud server, WeChat applet, data center (web interface).

  • IOT communication module: 2G/4G/ nb-iot communication module, which is responsible for the networking function of the system, data recovery for the state of solar street lamp controller, and distribution of cloud service control commands.
  • Cloud server: the cloud server is deployed on ali cloud, which is the main part of the Internet of things system, responsible for system scheduling, data storage, data processing and logical transaction processing.
  • WeChat small program: can add WeChat small program is specially used to manage the solar street lamp app, features is easy to use, no installation, no download.
  • Data center: the data center is the interface of computer terminal, mainly responsible for the management of street lamps for data statistics and analysis, fault warning and processing.
IoT Solar Street Light Working Pricipal

Overall Management

Unify the lighting management information of each area into an information management platform.

Multi-User Login

You can monitoring each lights on PC web platform, or on cellphone WeChat mini program remote management.

Remote Monitoring

Through the computer, mobile phone remote comprehensive real-time monitoring to the status of each solar light.

The Fault Alarm

Lighting failure, charging or discharging failure, controller short circuit, controller failure, circuit break alarm.

Intelligent Analysis

Collect the detailed datas of each light every day, analyze the statistics like energy consumption, and issue reports.

Remote Parameter Set

According to the change of weather, environment and season, the operating parameters can be modified remotely.

IoT Module For solar street light

IoT Module For Solar Lighting

Designed with Great Originality

  • Adapter of 3.2 V / 12 V / 24 V three voltage input.
  • Can match the solar infrared controller.
  • Online platform and mobile terminal remote control and information read.
  • Remotely load switch, adjust the load power.
  • Read the controller inside the battery/load voltage/current/power/solar panels.
  • Remotely issue and read the parameters of multiple or single controllers.
  • The module has GPS positioning function with an error less than 500 meters.

Overall Situation Monitorning

The energy cloud platform makes use of the Internet of things, communication technology, data collection and analysis and other technical means to realize more convenient, efficient, real-time and stable management of solar energy data. Through the Internet of things, the system will realize the use of solar street lamps in the whole life cycle, data recovery and management of service life and working status.

Statistics Chart

Data statistics, statistics of the battery's daily discharge, charge, remaining power. Calculate the battery's cumulative cycles, and predict the residual life of the battery

IoT Solar Light Heat Map

It shows heat map that you can check where have more energy consumption.

IoT Solar Light Location Map

Automatic base station positioning function of the system. Each time the equipment is repowered, it will automatically position through the base station. The accuracy error of base station positioning is 500-1000m.

Integrated IoT Module

Enbable Solar Light Smart

IoT Module can be integrated in all of our solar lights, e.g. solar street light, solar flood light, solar parking lot lights, solar bollard light, solar garden light...


Slow flash: power supply is normal, starting......

Flash: connecting the network

Flash mob: successfully connected to the network

2G communication module is adopted by default in the module. The telecom operator service based on different countries.

if the signal is not good or the base station is busy, the controller will lost connection, and then the controller will automatically reconnect to the server within 5 minutes.

Please check whether the system is powered on, whether the antenna is installed, whether the network indicator is in the flash state, and whether the area covered by 2G network.

Datas upload every 30 minutes.

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