Solar Post Lights


This Solar Post Lights is great for both security and decorative pole lighting for commercial and industrial applications, such as parking lots, walkway, parks, fence and residential blocks...

Combine with latest solar technology, it no needs wiring underground and it's very easy for installation. Design to look like classic high output metal halide lights, this powerful LED technology is designed for outdoor use as an efficient, yet inexpensive solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

Technology & Benefits

Independent Power

Total solar powered, no need wiring, independent working and without electric shock danger.

Low Maintenance

Die-cast aluminum with hot spray. Salt-resistance and weather resistance. Very low maintenance.

Durable Working Time

Intelligent control with daylight sensor, the light automatically work in the night and switch off in the day time.

IP65 & IK08

Solar post top light can work near the sea, lake, in the island, or other harsh environments.

Projects Reference

Select the Solar Post Top

solar post top light


· LED 12W
· 1300-1400lm
· Φ515*H435*Φ89mm
· N.W. 7kg

solar led garden light


· LED 12W
· 1300-1400lm
· L465*W425mm*W92mm
· N.W. 8kg

solar post light


· LED 12W
· 1300-1400lm
· Φ515*H545*W76mm
· N.W. 7.6kg

solar garden square lights


· LED 12W
· 1300-1400lm
· Φ510*H660*Φ89mm
· N.W. 8.5kg

classical solar park light


· LED 12W
· 1300-1400lm
· Φ510*H250*W750mm
· N.W. 8.4kg


The mounting pole top diameter should less then 76mm, and should be strong enough considering the environments.

The designed lifespan over 7 years.

After fully charged, the solar bollard works more than 22 hours, and with light sensor it will work the whole night.

In rainy/cloudy days, there are still weak charging current for the battery, and we designed the battery with a 2-4 days back up for different model.

The built-in battery is replaceable, we suggest replace it by technical person.

They are pretty easy to install, the solar bollards works without main-grid electricity connected. No need wiring no need trenching, no electrician required.

We will offer 3 years warranty, during the warranty we offer free replacement if the products failed due to our factory reasons.

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