Solar ADD-ON Kit

An Solar System for Light Fixtures

Solar add-on is a light fixture attached to your load that can generate its own energy and supply LED lamps or other loads such as flood lights, street lights, patio lights, corridor lights and even LED tubes and panel lights. It has DC voltage output, voltage range 15V-60V, suitable for most LED lamps. It is a perfect solution to upgrade your LED lamps to be green and save energy.

Baficial Solar Panel

More Solar Energy Absorbed

Aluminum PV Panel Frame

Extensible Extra Solar Panel

180w solar add-on kit

Cast-iron Mounting

Adjustable Angle Mounting Supports

LiFePO4 Power Battery

Replacable Modular Battery Pack


Turn On/Off Automatically

The controller recognize day and night based on the solar panel open circuit voltage. This day/night threshold can be modified according to local solar radiation. The setting range is 3-8V, the standard setting is 5V.

Motion Sensor Dimming

Microwave Sensor Movement Detection

When human or other subject movement is detected, the solar Add-on kit will automatically adjust power output from 0% to 100%. It helps save energy and bring a longer back up time for the light fixture.

Dusk to Dawn Lighting Mode

Turn on at night automactically

The solar lamp will automatically turn on from dusk to dawn. The light will keep constant brightness in a set power in the period.

*D/N Dly: Day/Night delay time. (0-30min)

5 Stage Light Mode

Lighting in 5 Stage at Night

The lamps lighting divide into 5 stage, each stage time and dim can be setting from 0% to 100% even working on motion sensor mode according to demands. With diming setting, it is an efficient way to save energy, and keep the lamp working in best power and time.

Solar Power System for Outdoor Lighting

Solar ADD-ON Kit Power Supply

Solar add-on kit is widely used, it is not only for road, but also for laneway, garden, park, square etc.  We supply manufacturer OEM/ODM  service to bring you a unique value.


· Solar Panel: 40Wp Mono
· Battery: LFP 12.8V 12Ah


· Solar Panel 40Wp Mono
· Battery: LFP 12.8V 12/18Ah


· Solar Panel 60Wp Mono
· Battery: LFP 12.8V 18/24Ah


· Solar Panel 120Wp Mono
· Battery: LFP 12.8V 30/36Ah


· Solar Panel 180Wp Mono
· Battery: LFP 25.6V 24/36Ah


· Solar Panel 210Wp Mono
· Battery: LFP 25.6V 36/48Ah


Solar panel more than 20 years lifespan, the LiFePO4 battery will remain 80% capacity after 3000 cycles. And the battery is quite easy to replace.

What you need to do is just remove the exiting led driver, and check the input voltage of the led lamp itself. Finally connect with the solar add-on kits if the voltage match.

In rainy/cloudy days, there are still weak charging current for the battery, and we designed the battery with a 5-7 days back up for different model.

The solar area series take use of battery module design, which you can replace the whole module easily by yourselves.

They are pretty easy to install, the solar add-on kit support pole installation. It no need wiring no need trenching, no electrician required.

We will offer 3 years warranty, during the warranty we offer free replacement if the products failed due to our factory reasons.

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