Solar LED Parking Lot Lights

The solar parking lot lights takes use of 2 led module symmetrically in the double end of the lamp. it is solar powered so that it works independently and automatically. The beautiful and elegant design brings a widely used in the city or urban area.

Super high efficiency 180LM/W bring a quite high lumens outputs in a small power, increase 50% brightness than normal led parking lot lights.

The integrated solar alarm system works completely independently and protects your outdoor property.

Solar CCTV Function Integrated

Integrated CCTV camera monitoring system, you can view the monitoring anytime, anywhere without wiring

The grid complementary technology allows solar street lights alternate to grid power supply in case of insufficient sunshine.

The smart solar parking lot light is a wireless system boasting simple installation and convenient maintenance

LED Module

180LM/W Super High Efficiency

Symmetrical LED Module

Doulbe-end Lighting

solar parking lot light

Adjustable Mounting Angle

Suitable for Most Mounting Ambient

Battery Pack

Easy Maintenance

Solar Panel

High efficiency solar panel takes use of Sunpower's photocells, a small panel can bring big power outputs and let the whole light have longer autonomy.

Battery Management

Our battery packs design offer multi-protection technology that allows the whole battery pack to work correctly even few cells was damaged.

MPPT Solar Controller

Maximum Power Point Tracking, it is the laest and most efficient solar charging technology which has 30% higher efficiency than PWM.

PIR/WM Motion Sensor

The motion senor detects movement within several metres of the unit and turns the LED module from ‘dim mode’ to ‘full-brightness’ mode.

Lithium Battery Charging

The NMC Lithium-ion battery is up to 90% deep of discharge without any damages, the energy-density is 30% higher than LiFePO4 battery.


The voltage of solar panel will changes according to the daylight, this is used as an photosenor to control the light work automatically.

explosion pic of solar street light

The Innovative Structure

Designed for both commercial and industrial market

  • Elegant Design
  • Each Part Modular Design
  • Both ends lighting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick&Easy installation
  • Timing Dimmable / PIR Sensor Dimmable Setting Available


Adjustable Lighting Orientation

LED Modular Design 180 LM/W

LED module brings a super high lumens efficiency, when compare with normal LED flood light, our patent solar flood lights have 1.5-1.8 times brightness at same power! The LED module is +60° to -60° rotatable, so that you can get a better lighting distribution when you adjust the solar panel position. Varies beam angle for options 60° / 90° / 90×155° .

Double-end Lighting

One light for two area lighting

The LED modules are deployed in double end of the light fixture, so that you don't another light and pole when you want to install the light in the middle of two close area.

Adjustable Mounting Angle

Ensure the solar panel at best orientation

The solar parking lot light has 30° mounting angle, when it combine with rotatable led module, the solar lighting system is very flexible in installation. All brackets is aluminum annoy, so that the whole light fixture is strong but light weight.

Additional Battery Module

The battery could be added super easily

You can add battery module to meet different requirements of back up time, meanwhile the battery is very easy to install and maintenance.

All in One Solar Parking Lot Lights

Commerical Solar Lighting for Parking Lots Manufacturing Service

Solar parking lot lights is widely used, it is not only for parking lot, but also for laneway, garden, park, square etc.  We supply manufacturer OEM/ODM  service to bring you a unique value.


     · Solar Panel 30Wp
     · Luminous Flux: 1800 Lm
     · Battery: NMC Li-ion 11.1V 15Ah
     · Outline: 781*372*84mm
     · Autonomy: 5-7 days


     · Solar Panel 30Wp
     · Luminous Flux: 3600 Lm
     · Battery: NMC Li-ion 11.1V 20Ah
     · Outline: 781*372*84mm
     · Autonomy: 3-5 days


     · Solar Panel 40Wp
     · Luminous Flux: 3600 Lm
     · Battery: NMC Li-ion 11.1V 20Ah
     · Outline: 799*372*84mm
     · Autonomy: 5-7 days


     · Solar Panel 40Wp
     · Luminous Flux: 5400 Lm
     · Battery: NMC Li-ion 11.1V 30Ah
     · Outline: 799*372*84mm
     · Autonomy: 3-5 days

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The designed lifespan over 8 years.

In rainy/cloudy days, there are still weak charging current for the battery, and we designed the battery with a 5-7 days back up for different model.

In rainy/cloudy days, there are still weak charging current for the battery, and we designed the battery with a 5-7 days back up for different model.

The solar area series take use of battery module design, which you can replace the whole module easily by yourselves.

They are pretty easy to install, the solar parking lot light works without main-grid electricity connected. No need wiring no need trenching, no electrician required.

We will offer 3 years warranty, during the warranty we offer free replacement if the products failed due to our factory reasons.

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